Sergeant At Arms

Rex Berger

Rex Berger

Sergeant at Arms
  • Law Office of Kenneth E. Berger
  • 5205 Forest Drive Suite 2 Columbia, SC 29206
  • 803-790-2800

Born on February 17, 2012, Theodore “Rex” Berger, a native of Georgia, joined the firm at a young age. Based on his award-winning pedigree, we knew Rex would have no trouble digesting both difficult legal concepts and Milkbones. What we could not anticipate was how much joy he would bring to our office and clients. Even defense attorneys appear to respect Rex’s authority and stature.

Away from work Rex enjoys stuffed animals, tug of war, short walks, and eating. Like the president whose name he bears, he is as committed to justice as he is to outdoor adventure.

Email Rex’s dad at [email protected] or call (803) 790-2800.