South Carolina Attorney for Victims of Daycare Negligence & Abuse 

Daycares are subject to a long list of rules and regulations intended to keep your children safe. Unfortunately, those rules are often violated, and kids get hurt. If the daycare that caused your child's harm is not held accountable, the likelihood of repeat violations only increases. 

I am a Columbia attorney who focuses on helping children injured due to daycare negligence in South Carolina.  My belief in child safety and the rights of our most vulnerable citizens drives me to seek justice on behalf of families while eliminating dangerous daycares from our state.

Protecting Kids & Holding Child Care Centers Accountable

Safe daycare in South CarolinaIf your child has been seriously injured as a result of recklessness or abuse - my firm is here to help. We take pride in working to ensure South Carolina's child care centers are free from needless dangers. We not only work with child care organizations to promote safety, we also pursue claims against daycares that choose not to put your child's wellbeing first.

Kids sometimes get hurt because of unavoidable accidents. However, in the majority of cases, a clear and important safety rule or law has been violated. Some of the most common causes of child care injuries include:

Answers to Your Questions Are Available Now from a Child Injury Lawyer

I want South Carolina's parents to know their rights. If you have questions, order a free copy of my book or call me today at (803) 790-2800 for a free case consultation. No family needs to take on insurance companies and the legal system by themselves. My Columbia law firm is here to help injured children across our state.

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