When a Burn Injury Impacts Your Life, We Will Work Hard to Obtain the Justice You Deserve

Suffering a severe burn injury is a traumatizing event that can impact you mentally and physically. In addition to the immense pain, some burn victims also must deal with blistering, swelling, scarring, infections, and even the need for skin grafts. This is an injury that is so outwardly visible that many victims are forced to confront it in the mirror every morning—a painful reminder of the accident that changed their life.

As a South Carolina burn injury attorney, I have dedicated my professional life to protecting your rights and holding negligent parties accountable. When someone else makes a reckless decision and you are left to deal with the emotional and physical effects, I will work hard to sure your voice is heard.

Columbia Personal Injury Lawyer for Burn Victims

In my time working with victims of burn injuries in the Columbia area, it has become clear that there are many different causes, reasons, and degrees of severity. Burns can be caused by:

  • Explosions of propane, natural gas, gasoline, or other flammable liquids and vapors
  • House fires
  • Auto accidents
  • Hot liquids, such as water, oil, grease, or tar
  • Hot metals, plastics, glass, or coals
  • Chemicals like strong acids or alkalis
  • Electricity
  • Alpha, beta, or gamma radiation

These hazards can appear at home, at work, or even somewhere that you least expect. The bottom line, however, is that most burns are preventable and are often caused because of another person's negligence. Even if it was a complete accident, it still may be that the burden not fall completely on your shoulders.

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