Our Commitment to the Community

At the Law Office of Kenneth Berger, we have dedicated ourselves to making our communities safer, especially for children and people with brain injuries. In keeping with this mission, we not only defend our communities' safety rules and pursue those who violate them, we also invest in groups and organizations committed to either children's safety or recovery from TBI. Therefore, a portion of attorney's fees from all child injury cases at our firm is donated to child-focused charities and organizations. Likewise, a portion of any fee earned in a traumatic brain injury case is donated to the TBI-recovery community.

A few of the organizations we most often support include:

Lawyers Against Distracted Driving Scholarship

Brain Injury Association of America logo Our firm offers a yearly $1,000 scholarship to a South Carolina student to highlight the distracted driving issue in our state and across the country. Applicants are asked to write an essay addressing the dangers of distracted driving and what can be done to reduce and eliminate it. To apply or learn more, click here

Brain Injury Association of South Carolina

Brain Injury Association of America logo Our firm is an active supporter and bronze sponsor of the Brain Injury Association of South Carolina. BIASC helps brain injured people across our state by way of support groups, research, education, and advocacy. We are honored to have participated in its 2014 statewide conference, to have learned alongside its members at seminars, and to have sponsored and attended its fundraisers.

Children's Trust of South Carolina

Children's Trust of South Carolina logo

We proudly contribute to Children's Trust of South Carolina (CTSC), because it shares our passion for child safety. Over the past 30 years, it has dedicated its time and programs to keeping our children out of harm's way. CTSC is committed to strengthening families, raising awareness of child abuse and neglect, and providing reliable resources to prevent harm.

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital logo Our firm donates to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital to aid its research and care for children who have been diagnosed with life threatening diseases. St. Jude's facility and its staff are nationally recognized for its dedication to providing children and their families with the best treatment programs possible.

Safe Kids Midlands

Safe Kids Midlands logo We show our appreciation for Safe Kids Midlands by donating a portion of attorney's fees in some of our child injury cases. Safe Kids Midlands is partnered with the Palmetto Health Children's Hospital to educate children in and around Columbia on safety and injury prevention.

Children's Safety Network

Children's Safety Network logo When the opportunity presents itself, we like to give back to the Children's Safety Network. Our firm values the hard work CSN puts into creating violence-free environments to ensure the safety and health of our youth.

Healing Families Foundation

Healing Families Foundation logo

The LRADAC Foundation understands that a healthy community is rooted in strong families. We support this organization's mission to end domestic violence and abuse within Midlands families by offering effective programs aimed at recovery and the establishment of more meaningful relationships.

The Law Office of Kenneth Berger is more than a law firm. We are a member of the community that shares your interest in health, safety, and justice. To find out what we can do for you or an organization that you believe in, call our Columbia office today at 803-790-2800.

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