Product defect warning signEvery day, people come into contact with thousands of products. Most of these goods have been designed and manufactured safely, but some are unsafe, and the companies that make and sell dangerous products need to be held accountable for the consequences their choices lead to. 

As a Columbia, SC defective products attorney, I seek to help clients restore their lives and pursue justice against manufacturers, distributors and retailers for the serious injuries caused by their goods. When suits are filed against dangerous manufacturers, it is known as a products liability action. In other words, we are seeking to hold the wrongdoer liable for the harm caused by their product.

Holding Unsafe Companies Accountable for Their Decisions to Endanger the Public

Some product defects are the result of simple carelessness. Some are the result of a cold calculation in which a manufacturer decides that the risk of a lawsuit is worth the profit it stands to make from using substandard materials or failing to follow correct procedures. I firmly believe that companies must be brought to account in a court of law when they choose to gamble with the safety of our community.

These days, many if not most of the goods we use are manufactured overseas. However, under South Carolina law, it is possible to pursue a  claim against anyone involved in selling a product to you, including the store where you bought it. If you have been injured by a defectively designed or manufactured item, you may have questions about which insurance companies you should be dealing with, how medical bills get paid, or why adjusters keep talking about indemnity agreements. Products liability attorneys are familiar with the challenges that arise in identifying all negligent parties, then taking them to task for the harm they have caused.

If you want help taking on these companies - and their insurance carriers - my law firm is here for people just like you. Being based in Columbia allows us to travel the state representing victims of dangerous corporations and the defective goods they sell. For a free case evaluation, or to receive a free copies of my books, call me today at (803) 790-2800.

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