What led us to represent truly injured people? Why do we place special emphasis on representing people with brain injuries, children hurt at day care, and victims of DUIs? Is it just about the money...or is there something deeper and more personal that drives us?

How the Law Office of Kenneth Berger Came to Be

On January 3, 2011, Kenneth (“Kenny”) Berger started the firm. He had recently turned 29. Most people said he was too young to go “out on his own," but Kenny had a clear vision of what his firm would become. His father started a dental practice at the age of 25, so in many ways Kenny felt like an old man by the time he started his own practice.

Even though we had only two rooms and shared space with another business when our doors first opened, Kenny understood that if you always put clients first and focus on values rather than profits, the firm would grow. And it did…

Our Goal: A Safer, Healthier South Carolina

From the start, we have known the type of practice we want and what it is we seek to accomplish. Since day one, we have been dedicated to helping good people who experience life-changing injuries at the hands of another person or business. We all have a right to safety. When one person’s right to a safe road, doctor, or place of employment is violated, our entire community is threatened. Our firm confronts community dangers and works to keep families safe by holding rule-breakers accountable for the harm they cause. The goal of a safer, healthier community is at the heart of every case we accept and the motivation behind every step we take as a firm. 

Giving back is critical to this mission. That not only means supporting various charities, but also providing you with as much free information as possible. Throughout our website, you will find hundreds of informational articles, dozens of educational videos, and an ever-growing number of client and colleague testimonials. On our site, you can also read the stories behind some of our past successes.

When Good People Suffer Harm, We Are Here to Help

We want to earn our client's trust, respect, and admiration. We want other attorneys and judges to use words like, "honest," "hard working," and "effective," when describing us. And we want people like you in our community and across South Carolina to know that when good people suffer serious harm, we are here to help. 

In the last nine years, our office space, staff, and impact upon the community have grown. We don’t intend to stop any time soon. To learn more about the ways we can be of service, call our Columbia, SC office at 803-790-2800 or our Myrtle Beach office at 843-427-2800, or you can start a live chat to speak with a member of our team 24/7.