defective child car seat lawyerUnsafe and Dangerous Products Must Be Removed From Our Community

Whether it's the dolls and trucks that bring a smile to their face, or the car seat you strap them in for a car ride, you expect children's products to be safe. When a toy or car seat is unsafe because of a flaw in the design, manufacturing, or warning, and your child is injured as a result, the companies that chose to put that item on the market must be held accountable.

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I am focused on seeking justice for children by pursuing defective product claims arising from:

  • Manufacturing Defects
  • Design Defects
  • Defective Warnings

The companies that profit off selling children's goods - be it toys or otherwise - have a responsibility to ensure those items are safe. Any degree of needless danger is too much, and when a child is hurt because a company knowingly put a dangerous product on our shelves, they should be forced to pay for every harm and loss the child incurs. Punitive damages may also be sought when corporations choose to put profits ahead of our kids' wellbeing. 

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My book, Your Guide to South Carolina Personal Injury & Workers' Compensation, has an entire chapter devoted solely to child injury. In it, you will find information on dangerous toys and other defective products. Likewise, my law firm focuses much of its energy on representing injured young people and their families.

Rather than trying to take on manufacturers and their insurance carriers by yourself, find out how we can help. For a free consultation and free books, call me today at (803) 790-2800. My office is located a short drive from Lexington, and we are always glad to meet parents on weekends when work schedules prevent weekday appointments. 

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