Dangerous childrens toysEvery year, children in South Carolina are hurt because of dangerous toys. As a lawyer for injured kids, I have seen what happens when a manufacturer or retailer chooses to put dangerous products on the shelves. I wrote this article to provide families with a few tips on avoiding unsafe toys.

3 Tips to Avoid Injuries From Unsafe Toys

1. First, check labels to find out where the toy was made. As you know, some countries’ safety regulations are much stricter than others. Where a toy was manufactured can make the difference in what type of paint, chemicals, and other materials went into it's production. For example, lead paint toys should never make it in our stores, and certainly not to our homes.

2. Second, ask the store clerk about recalls, returns, and complaints. If the toy’s manufacturer deals with frequent recalls, or if the toy you have chosen is often returned, you will want to know why. You can also research the toy and its manufacturer prior to making your purchase. Spending a little time conducting research and asking these questions gives you an idea whether the manufacturer and merchant truly stand behind the toy they are attempting to sell you.

3. Third, play with the toy before buying it or allowing your child to play with it. There are many dangers the eye overlooks but experience teaches. If you play with the toy, you will likely discover any hidden dangers the toy might pose.

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Children are often my favorite clients, though their stories are among the saddest. I would not be a lawyer for injured kids in South Carolina if bad things did not happen to our most innocent. While there are steps you can take to reduce the number of child injuries, please know that if your child needlessly suffered an injury due to an unsafe toy or product, you and your child have legal rights. Should you have questions, or if you would like further information regarding SC child injury law, I would be honored to speak with you. Contact my firm by calling (803) 790-2800 or by starting a live chat below. 

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