How Do Medical Bills Get Paid During a Personal Injury Case?

Have you been wondering how your medical bills get paid after an accident? As South Carolina personal injury attorney, Kenneth Berger, explains in this video, you are not alone.

He goes on to answer this question. In fact, it is one of the most common questions that Mr. Berger receives. This video should correct the common misconceptions of who will pay your medical bills.

Some people think that, while the case is open, the at fault driver's insurance or the lawyer representing them will pay the insurance. However, this is not the case. Instead, you are responsible for the medical costs until a verdict or settlement is reached.

So, how do you pay for your medical care? If you have health insurance, use it. If you do not have health insurance, you may be able to receive treatment through a "letter of protection." The letter says that you agree to pay for the healthcare providers at the end of the case. A final option is to go with a company like Key Health that may cover your accident-related healthcare costs in exchange for future payment.

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