I advise all clients with health insurance to use it when paying for injuries related to their case. If you do not file your accident-related bills with your health insurer, you could face the same exorbitant charges as uninsured people. In this way, health insurance can be a huge advantage after a car crash. It allows South Carolinians to receive the medical treatment they need – and save a great deal of money.

Understanding Health Insurance Liens

File medical bills with health insuranceNearly all health insurance contracts include a provision such as, “any payment made in relation to a bodily injury claim must be repaid if proceeds are collected from a liability insurer.” In other words, your health insurance company probably has a legal right to reclaim at least some of the money they paid out. 

Even though the law does not always require them to do so, many health insurers are willing to reduce their liens (i.e. the amount of money you have to repay) when contacted by an attorney. In fact, one South Carolina insurance giant grants a standard lien reduction ranging from 25%-33% to represented clients, depending on the circumstances of the case.

Health Insurers May Reduce Their Liens

Health insurance liens might also be reduced when it is the only fair thing to do under the law. Consider for instance a case where a woman has been severely injured in a drunk driving accident. Her medical bills could be $200k. The health insurer might pay $50k for treatment, and therefore have a lien in the same amount. Nonetheless, if only $25k or $50k are available from the at-fault driver’s insurer, a lawyer might get the woman’s health insurance company to reduce its lien to 1/3 of the overall settlement. Thus, rather than seeing all the proceeds go to the health insurance carrier, the client could place a substantial sum of money in her pocket.

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