In South Carolina, workplace liability for burn injuries can fall on a number of parties depending on the circumstances.

Workplace injuries could be attributed to:

  • poor property maintenance;
  • defective equipment or machinery;
  • exposure to toxic chemicals; or
  • other issues that are not the fault of your employer.

You may be able to pursue a civil lawsuit in addition to your workers’ compensation claim. Third-party personal injury lawsuits after a work accident are claims against a party other than your employer for the injuries you sustained while on the job. If you were hurt at work and are considering filing a claim, contact the Law Office of Kenneth E. Berger to speak to a South Carolina burn injury lawyer handling cases in Sumter and across the state.

Determining Workplace Liability for Burn Injuries in South Carolina

Who is responsible for burn injuries at workA number of parties could be held liable for the burn injuries you received at work.

Workplace liability for burn injuries may rest on the:

  • a manufacturer or distributor of defective equipment, materials or tools;
  • a driver who causes injury to a worker who is behind the wheel or on the road as a part of job duties;
  • a non-employer supervisor who is negligent or commits an error that causes injury;
  • the owner of a facility, property or business that fails to maintain its premises; and
  • the vendor/contractor who injures an employee while operating at their workplace.

Determining workplace liability for burn injuries can be difficult. Consult a South Carolina burn injury lawyer to review the circumstances of your claim and determine who holds responsibility for your injuries.

Third Party Personal Injury Lawsuits vs. Workers’ Compensation

If you suffer burn injuries at work, you may receive benefits from Workers Compensation. This will provide funds to cover medical expenses and lost wages; however, it may not last forever. It might not cover long-term medical costs or future lost income; nor will it provide you with compensation for your pain and suffering.

Third party personal injury lawsuits can help you seek compensation for what workers’ comp won’t cover. If your burns have rendered you unable to work, scarred, traumatized, or physically disabled, a third party claim can allow you funds for these damages.

In addition, third party personal injury lawsuits can help recover damages for:

  • expected future medical costs and treatment;
  • future lost income and earning capacity;
  • disability;
  • pain, suffering and mental anguish;
  • lost quality of life;
  • loss of household services; and
  • loss of consortium or companionship with a spouse or loved one.

The American Burn Association estimates that there are nearly 450,000 burn injuries every year that require medical attention. If you suffered a burn injury on the job, contact a burn injury lawyer assisting clients in Sumter, Columbia, Orangeburg, and across the state today.

Seeking Help with a Third Party Burn Injury Claim

Did you suffer a burn injury at work? You could be owed compensation. Read our free injury book, or call the Law Office of Kenneth Berger at (803) 790-2800 to speak to a burn injury lawyer today. Our team can help determine who holds workplace liability for burn injuries in your case.

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