Halloween is supposed to be scary but never dangerous. To make sure children stay safe this October 31, here are four tips to make trick-or-treating less stressful for parents and fun for all.

1. Glow Bright

According to government records, more children are struck by cars on Halloween than any other day of the year. To avoid this tragedy, add glow sticks or reflective tape to your child’s costume and treat bag to make him/her more visible to drivers. Many glow sticks come in bulk, so if you’re willing, share the extra among neighboring children as well. Furthermore, arm your kid with a flashlight to navigate poorly lit areas.

2. Identify Your Child

Whether your youngsters are in small or large groups for trick-or-treating, it is beneficial for them to travel with a slip of paper containing emergency contact information. To make it less noticeable, you can patch a pocket on their costume and insert a card with the following information: the child's name, your name and relationship to him/her, a phone number, and address. This may play a critical role in a kid's safety should he/she accidently separate from the group.

3. Designate Dogs Inside

Costumes can frighten even the most composed pups and cause them to feel threatened and act unpredictably. In accordance with the old saying, “It’s better to be safe than sorry,” keep pets inside and out-of-sight from trick-or-treaters. But when the Halloween hype is over, show your furry friends some extra love after indulging in leftover candy.

4. Find The Right Fit

Halloween is best adorned with hand-carved jack-o-lanterns of different shapes and designs. Commonly, these pumpkins are illuminated by candles, which present a fire hazard to careless people passing nearby. To reduce the likelihood of attaining a serious burn injury,  make sure that your son or daughter’s costume is properly fitted and does not drag on the ground. It is also a good idea to review "Stop, Drop and Roll" with kids or purchase flameless candles instead.

As a Columbia, SC child injury lawyer, I share these tips with you not to make you fearful of Halloween. In fact, it is one of my favorite holidays. Instead, I share these with you so that your kid's safety is made a priority when trick-or-tricking. When hazards are eliminated, that is when the real fun can be had. Should your child sustain a serious injury on Halloween or any day of the year, call my office at (803) 790-2800 for help or browse the many articles in my Library of Information. When you need us, we are ready to serve.

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