Qualities You Want In a Columbia, SC Personal Injury Lawyer

On January 21, 2014, we hosted a focus group in Columbia, SC to find out why people choose the personal injury lawyers they do, what they expect from their attorney, and why they refer other potential clients to a firm.

People Want Trustworthy Personal Injury Lawyers

We learned that most folks want the same thing from us that they want from a doctor, mechanic, plumber, or accountant. More than anything, people want someone they can trust. In a world filled with unfulfilled promises, clients want someone who will do what they say, and say what they do. You want an attorney who is honest with you about all aspects of your case. Clients also want a firm that explains the legal process, provides regular status updates, and is accessible when questions arise.

We were reminded that people don’t come to us in search of complex legal answers, but rather solutions. When a problem has progressed to the point that a lawyer becomes necessary, you want us to make it right. Clients want the stress taken off their shoulders. They want us to grab the reins, execute a plan of action, and resolve the issue in the most cost and time efficient way possible. 

How Our Clients Describe Us

When I asked some of our past clients about the words they would use to describe my firm, we heard things like “genuine,” “compassionate,” “straight-shooter,” and “hard working.”

I know there are a lot of negative stereotypes about personal injury attorneys. We want to defy those stereotypes, and exceed expectations every time someone calls our office or meets us in person. We want people to choose us because they trust us; because they are treated like family; and because we get results. I don’t make guarantees when it comes to the outcome of a case, but I will promise anyone reading this article that from the first time you call us till the last time we shake hands, you will be shown respect, compassion, and professionalism.

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