Mr. H was forced to undergo back surgery after an on-the-job accident. Though the surgery was a success, Mr. H continued to suffer from serious pain in his lower back. The injury prevented Mr. H from returning to work at his former place of employment. The insurance company fought Mr. H for several years before he finally decided to hire a worker' compensation attorney.

As soon as Mr. H hired us, we began working to ensure that he received a "permanent and total disability award" based on his inability to perform work duties. We also wanted to protect Mr. H's rights to future medical care.

After a long mediation, the insurance company finally agreed to settle Mr. H's workers' comp case for $250,000.00. This figure was based not only on Mr. H's permanent disability, but also his future medical needs. The settlement will allow Mr. H to receive the treatment he needs, and also restore the financial stability that his injury robbed him of. 

While 6 figure settlements are relatively rare in the workers' comp setting, we wanted to share this result with anyone who is unsure whether hiring a lawyer can make a difference after an on the job injury. For answers to your questions, and to find out whether we may be able to help you, call my Columbia, SC office today at 803-790-2800 or contact us using the live chat box below.    

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