Our Client Was Given the Wrong Medication

On December 21, 2012, Mr. O traveled to CVS in Hampton, SC to have a Prilosec prescription filled. When he arrived at the CVS, a pharmacist issued Mr. O ninety (90) pills.  Mr. O began taking the pills to alleviate his acid reflux. Within days, Mr. O’s family noticed changes in his behavior. The behavioral changes intensified over the following weeks.

By February of 2012, Mr. O was experiencing severe fatigue and loss of appetite.  He continued to struggle with acid reflux even though he had been taking the medication as prescribed. It was not until Mr. O’s wife returned to the CVS pharmacy to pick up her husband's refill that she noticed the medication being re-filled by CVS was not Prilosec, but instead Prozac.

On March 7, 2013, Mr. O visited his primary care provider, Ms. Henderson, P.A. When Mr. O showed Ms. Henderson the bottle of Prozac, she promptly checked her chart and verified that the December 21, 2012 prescription was for Prilosec. Regrettably, the chemicals were already streaming through Mr. O’s system, causing fatigue, weight loss, and spikes in his blood sugar levels.

The Pharmacy Gave the Wrong Prescription Again 

After learning of the misfill, Mr. O lost trust in CVS and decided to transfer his prescriptions to Fred’s Pharmacy. CVS was informed of the transfer, as well as their error. Nonetheless, CVS sent Fred’s refill information for Prozac instead of Prilosec. Thus, when Mr. O arrived at Fred’s, he was given yet another bottle of Prozac. Fortunately, Ms. O caught the error before her husband could be further poisoned.

We successfully resolved this case in late 2013. The family was happy enough with the result to not only thank us in person, but also provide a testimonial (see Kimberly R.) so that more good people could find their way to our door.

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