The confidentiality agreement in this case does not allow me to give you many details, other than to say: if you are injured by a forklift, you may be able to recover damages in a civil lawsuit, in addition to your workers' comp benefits. That is exactly what happened for Ms. V after her foot was crushed by a forklift at a South Carolina factory.

The insurance company fought us hard on this case, repeating over and over that they were not going to pay a dime. They argued that because Ms. V was receiving workers' compensation, she could not seek money in a civil case. We argued that because Ms. V was not an employee of the company that caused her injury, the law allowed her to file a civil lawsuit. We won the argument, and the insurance company ultimately made a fair settlement offer.

Ms. V waited a long time for justice. Her perseverance - and our hard work - paid off in the end, however. Ms. V's case made me proud to be an injury lawyer. It's not every day that someone else's future is placed so squarely in your hands. Had we lost that case, the bank would have foreclosed on Ms. V's home and she might not be able to afford her much needed medicines. We were fortunate to have a great client and a judge who placed the law above all else. 

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