In August 2012, a man (Mr. D) who had been working with the same employer for nearly 25 years sustained a TBI when he fell backward and struck his head against a metal smoke receptacle. The impact dented the metal and knocked Mr. D unconscious. 

Following the work accident, Mr. D experienced headaches, forgetfulness, irritability, and difficulty concentrating. He also struggled with dizziness to the point of passing out. Despite his symptoms, Mr. D's employer brought him back to work shortly after the accident.

Fearing he might lose his job due to his workers' compensation claim and diminished work capacity, Mr. D contacted us. I met with Mr. D, explained his rights, and promised to do everything in my power to help him not only keep his job, but also receive the benefits he was entitled to under workers' comp. As of August 2013, Mr. D remains employed. His workers' comp case also settled for significantly more money than he was being offered at the time he hired us.

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