An on the job injury at a South Carolina factory forced a longtime machine operator to seek benefits through workers' comp. When conservative therapies failed, Mr. A had to undergo elbow surgery. Though the operation relieved some of Mr. A's numbness and tingling, it did not restore his arm or grip strength. And while the treating physician chose to issue a low impairment rating, we were able to prove that Mr. A's substantial loss of grip strength and range of motion required far more compensation than the insurance carrier initially offered. 
My firm's familiarity with the American Medical Association's Guide to Permanent Impairment proved crucial in obtaining a fair settlement for Mr. A. Likewise, we emphasized the effect of Mr. A's injury on his ability to return to industrial work rather than the doctor's inaccurate rating. Under South Carolina's workers' compensation laws, a case's value is not based on impairment alone, but rather a combination of factors including work history and permanent restrictions.
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