In December 2012, Ms. Doe died alone in the bathroom of an Orangeburg, SC assisted living facility. She bled to death after pulling a dialysis catheter out of an artery in her leg. Ms. Doe suffered from dementia. She had recently been hospitalized for a near bleed-out after doing the exact same thing when the dialysis catheter was in her arm. The hospital's discharge notes highlighted the fact that Ms. Doe continued to pick at her catheter. Despite all these facts, the senior care home to which Ms. Doe returned chose not to supervise her, nor provide her with a qualified, trained nurse. Their negligence resulted in Ms. Doe's wrongful death, and terrible heartache for the family.

Helping Ms. Doe's Son Seek Justice

I have known Ms. Doe's son for more than 10 years. He came to me in late-2012 looking for answers. He was upset, and wanted to know what could have been done to prevent his mother from suffering such a tragic, inglorious end. My firm immediately began researching the facility and the caregiver, we requested all records, we contacted witnesses from the coroner's office, and I personally met with the pathologist who performed the autopsy, as well as Ms. Doe's dialysis doctor. We also hired a private investigator to learn more about the woman who was supposedly caring for Ms. Doe on the night of her death. It turns out the woman was not a nurse, but rather a convicted felon.

Unqualified Nursing Home Staff is Dangerous

When the assisted living facility chose to hire this unqualified felon, it set in motion a series of events that culminated in a fatality. Nevertheless, the insurance company fought us for nearly two years before finally paying a large settlement. Ms. Doe's son was never concerned with money, but rather closure. He wanted to make sure no other vulnerable citizens met the same fate as his mother because of the senior home's negligence.

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