How Can I figure Out if My Employer Has South Carolina Workers' Compensation Insurance?

The South Carolina workers' compensation system is complicated enough, but some employers make it even harder by ignoring the law. Some companies can be outwardly hostile, while others choose the passive route and attempt to avoid reporting your injury. This can be a sign that an employer who should be carrying workers' comp is not.

First, figure out if your employer is required to carry workers' compensation insurance. Under South Carolina law, an employer who regularly employs four or more people is required to have coverage. That does not mean it has to be the same four people all the time, but rather that the company generally has four or more individuals who could call themselves employees. Exceptions to this rule may include the agricultural, railroad, and real estate industries.

If you believe that your employer is obligated to carry a workers' compensation policy, and are afraid the company might not have it, you can check the South Carolina Workers' Compensation Commission's website. This site allows you to determine whether the business has coverage. If you have any trouble navigating that site, call my office and we will help you over the phone.

Likewise, many employees who are hurt on the job benefit from having a lawyer guide them through their claim. When you hire a workers' comp attorney, much of your stress and uncertainty should be removed, as you now have someone to protect your rights. Rather than having to worry over legal issues, you are allowed to focus on getting well and moving forward.

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