Train crash in South CarolinaI woke up on February 4, 2018 to the news of a collision between an Amtrak and CSX train in a part of Lexington County, SC that I am all too familiar with. I then watched as various media outlets, hospitals, and even our governor, provided updates regarding the number of people injured - and also those who were lost. I knew that families would have legal questions and that plenty of lawyers would be cutting television ads claiming to have the answers.

One of the core values at my firm pertains to educating the public about how to find the right attorney for their case. In fact, when we get calls about anything other than life-changing injury or wrongful death cases, we refer potential clients to someone we think would be better able to serve them. However, in cases of serious harm, we pride ourselves not only on our work ethic, but also that we treat these clients and their families like our own. That is why I wanted to provide these points to consider when speaking with a lawyer about the train wreck:

1. How Much of the Lawyer's Practice Focuses on Catastrophic Injury Cases

When dozens, if not hundreds, of people are harmed in an event such as a train collision, the legal issues become more complex. It is important to have an attorney with experience handling more than just fender-benders. My law firm maintains a smaller caseload than most so that we can devote all necessary time, energy, and resources to each case. Whether it requires hiring multiple experts, spending time at a client's home to truly appreciate the full impact of the injuries upon their life, or  pouring through 1000s of documents until the "smoking gun" is found, we are going to do everything in our power to hold Amtrak - and any other negligent entity - responsible for what they have done.

2. What Do Other Attorneys & Past Clients Say About the Lawyer

My clients are family to me. We don't pay actors to go on television and talk about us, or give anyone anything in return for their testimonials. These people speak from their heart because we have served them from ours. A substantial percentage of our cases also come from attorney referrals. These colleagues trust that we will work for full justice, keep clients informed of every important step in the case, and put in the time needed to uncover every important fact.

3. Is This a Person I Can Trust

Some of the claims arising from the Lexington County Amtrak collision will be settled quickly. Others may require lawsuits, and could last more than a year. You need to ask yourself whether the lawyer is the type of person who will place your interests ahead of their own. Another of my core values addresses putting people and principles first. That means reducing fees when necessary, giving portions of settlements to safety organizations, and staying involved in the community that raised me. A legal case - especially one involving a train wreck and such devastating harm for so many - should result in a lawyer and a client forming a bond; yet too often we hear nightmare stories of clients coming to despise a lawyer because they hired him before getting to know him. We do not want that to happen to you. 

Your Next Step in Finding the Right Train Accident Attorney  

I encourage you to contact us, as well as any other law firm that: focuses on catastrophic cases, has a strong reputation, and will put your interests first. To reach me with any questions you have concerning the Amtrak-CSX collision in South Carolina, simply start a Live Chat here on the page, or call our 24/7 line at 803-790-2800. You can also reach me personally on my cell phone at 803-360-6267. Please know that I did not create this page to profit from tragedy, but to help your family through it just like the medical personnel who got the call on February 4.  

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