Two Types of TBIs in South Carolina

In South Carolina, brain injury is the number one cause of death for people under the age of 44. Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are also responsible for 61,000 South Carolinians currently living with disability. This article addresses the two broad categories of TBI and the effects they have on the injured person.

Open Head Injuries

Open TBI is another name for a skull fracture caused by a foreign object striking the head. These penetrating injuries cause localized damage to tissue. Effects often include bruising, swelling, and internal bleeding. Because each part of the brain is responsible for different functions, and due to the fact that this type of injury is generally concentrated to one specific area, symptoms of an open TBI vary drastically. For example, an injury to the frontal lobe may effect memory and impulse control while damage to the occipital lobe could impair vision.

Closed Head Injuries

Closed TBI – which is far more common – occurs when the head is struck but the skull remains intact. This most frequently occurs in car accidents when the head hits the dashboard, windshield, or headrest. People who sustain closed head injuries often experience headaches, dizziness, and nausea in the days and weeks following the trauma. When someone sustains a TBI, the harm can range from mild to severe. Victims have unique symptoms depending on the type of injury they experienced. Proper diagnosis and treatment often leads to a full recovery, but in some instances the damage is permanent.

Legal Resources for People with TBIs

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