Looking back on some of the dangerous activities I engaged in as a child, it is a miracle that I today have the ability to write about fireworks safety. I am motivated to educate families about the dangers of fireworks, in part, because I am blessed to have escaped my childhood without serious injury. I have also encountered far too many preventable tragedies in my time as a Columbia, South Carolina child injury lawyer. I hope the following tips benefit your family. They are one of my many attempts to make South Carolina a little safer for our kids.

Sparklers and fireworks accidents1. When shooting fireworks, keep a bucket of water and hose nearby in case of an accident.

The name “fireworks” was placed upon these exploding devices for a reason. They can cause fire. If they do, you want to be prepared. A spark or small flame does not have to result in a burn.

2. Always supervise your children’s use of fireworks.

I had great parents growing up. However, it was a different time; and though everyone gave lip service to the dangers of fireworks, most of my friends and I were allowed to shoot fireworks at will. That included unsupervised “Roman Candle Wars.” We got lucky. Not all children are so fortunate. The better, safer practice is to always supervise your children when fireworks are in use. Additionally, kids emulate what they see. Therefore, teach your children how to properly use fireworks before allowing them to do so on their own.

3. Resist the temptation to shoot fireworks in your backyard.

Every year, South Carolinians start fires and injure themselves because they choose to shoot fireworks in their backyards. Do not be one of these people. Go to an open field, a friend’s home in the country, or the beach – anywhere other than your backyard. You do not need a South Carolina child injury attorney to tell you the threat people pose to their homes and families by shooting fireworks next to their houses. Nonetheless, I include this tip because it happens all the time. A life-changing fireworks accident can happen in the blink of an eye.

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