Mopeds, Injuries, and Insurance: A Summary of What South Carolinians Need to Know

Many people are aware of the fact that mopeds are not required to carry insurance in South Carolina. However, that is not the end of the story. Whether the accident was caused by the driver of a car or a moped, the injuries are often severe. And while the moped may not have liability coverage, it's important to know about the other auto and health insurance issues that could be involved.

First, if the driver of a car is negligent and causes harm to anyone on a moped, the car's insurer is on the hook. Moreover, because moped injuries can be so devastating, it is important to explore the possibility of excess, umbrella, and underinsured motorist coverage after such an accident.

Second, anyone who requires medical care should use their health insurance to pay for such care. Accident victims are frequently told they can pay out of a settlement rather than using health insurance, but that is simply a medical provider's way of trying to steal your money and deprive you of the benefits that come from being insured. For example, it would be much better to owe the hospital $1000 and BlueCross $4000 at the end of your case than having to pay a $15,000 bill out of your settlement funds. In short, you will benefit from a health and financial standpoint by insisting that your accident related bills be filed with your insurer.

Third, if you are the one who has been hurt by the moped driver - be it as a passenger, pedestrian, or motorist - South Carolina law allows you to recover from your uninsured or underinsured carrier, depending on whether the moped driver had any coverage. Some legislators have proposed requiring mopeds to carry liability insurance, but until that day comes, people injured by mopeds will generally be forced to file a claim with their own insurer. While some people are hesitant to contact their own insurance company because of fears over rate increases, the truth is that if you have been hurt by a reckless moped driver, the amount of money it will take to fairly compensate you should greatly outweigh any premium increase.  

Moped accidents often trigger health care and insurance questions that I have answered in the past, and am glad to walk you through as well. If you would like a free consultation from my award winning South Carolina firm, simply call or email us today.   

Kenneth Berger
Columbia South Carolina attorney dedicated to securing justice by helping the truly injured