Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and South Carolina Nursing Homes’ Duty to Protect

Many of our seniors suffer from Alzheimer’s or dementia. When a nursing home in South Carolina accepts payment for one of these individuals’ care, they take on a number of responsibilities. In broad terms, the nursing home has a duty to protect. More specifically, the facility must

  • Prevent the patient from wandering off the grounds or engaging in other dangerous behavior
  • Take appropriate measures to ensure the patient is eating well and drinking enough
  • Monitor the patient's restroom use to avoid soiling or unsanitary conditions.

Having a Proper Care Plan in Place

There are a number of safety measures nursing homes can undertake to promote a “wandering” patient’s well-being. It begins when the patient is first assessed. A care plan should be developed to guarantee the patient is properly supervised by well-trained staff members. The care plan ought to also address alarm devices and other ways to monitor the patient’s attempted exit from his room or the grounds. When nursing home residents make it off the grounds, tragedy often follows. In other instances, when windows are not sealed, patients climb out and cause themselves injury on the property itself.

Alzheimer's and Dementia Patients Require Adequate Care

Alzheimer’s and dementia patients are in nursing facilities because they require professional care. When the patient is not eating or drinking, it is the facility’s job to figure out how best to keep the patient nourished. If the patient soils the sheets, it is the facility’s responsibility to identify and fix the problem.

Kenny Berger Will Hold Nursing Homes Responsible

When these duties go unfulfilled - when our seniors go unprotected - the nursing home must be held responsible for the harm their violations cause. If you have questions about what more can be done to ensure the safety and legal rights of your loved one, I am here to help. My practice is dedicated to protecting vulnerable people and seeking justice when they are harmed. For a free consultation, call my Columbia, SC office today at (803) 790-2800.

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