South Carolina daycare laws regulate everything from how a facility is to be ventilated to what type of materials must be located under playground equipment. These laws are in place to prevent daycare negligence and accidents. As a Columbia, SC lawyer for injured kids, I can assure you that your children have the right to a safe daycare. You should never have to worry that your child will get overheated while in the care of a “child development center.” Likewise, no parent should need to feel concern over whether the swings and slides were properly maintained on the playground. Unfortunately though, not every child care center plays by the rules. While some of South Carolina’s daycares are the envy of the nation, others expose our children to needless danger.SC Safety Regulations Daycare 

South Carolina Safety Regulations for Daycares 

Lawmakers have attempted to promote daycare safety through a number of regulations, including (paraphrased):

  1. Safety barriers shall be placed around all heating sources, such as radiators and hot water heaters;
  2. Lighters, projectile toys, and microwave ovens shall not be accessible to children;
  3. Items that may cause choking or suffocation shall be inaccessible to children for whom they are not age appropriate;
  4. Electrical outlets shall be securely covered when not in use; and
  5. Each deck that has over an 18-inch drop shall have a well-secured railing.

Holding Daycares Responsible for Children's Safety

Despite regulations, safety manuals, and the fact that keeping kids safe is simply the right thing to do, daycare negligence occurs everyday. When South Carolina daycare laws are broken, young people are needlessly harmed. These violations are unacceptable in our communities and cannot be allowed to go unaddressed.Child safely playing with train at daycare 

If you have questions, there is no need to feel alone or confused. Call a Columbia lawyer for injured kids at (803) 790-2800. I will listen to your concerns and answer your questions. If appropriate, I will then guide your family through the legal process and fight to protect your rights against the daycare and its insurance company.

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