Dog Who Suffered Burn Injuries Becomes Service Dog for Burn Victims

Posted on Aug 10, 2013

A recent news report from Louisiana is a great story of hope for our South Carolina burn injury victims.

A puppy was recently adopted after suffering severe burns when she was doused with boiling water. The dog, named Amazing Grace, had the boiling water poured on her last June by a 12-year-old boy who said he was trying to keep her out of the trash. She has undergone treatment for the past month, and while her burns have healed nicely, she still has visible scars and some of her hair will never grow back.

Sally Warnhoff, a woman who works to help children recover from severe burns, adopted Grace. She saw the dog's story on the news and realized Grace would be right at home helping other burn victims recover.

"I said it sure would be good to put her to work for all the people who have been burn injured and take her to all the places and just let her love on people," said Warnhoff.

Warnhoff plans to have Amazing Grace trained as an official service dog and hope to get her to a few burn camps right away. She will also be going to school and wherever else burn injury victims need her.

The Sabine Parish Humane Society—where Amazing Grace was treated—believes it’s remarkable that the dog has never lost her love for humans, even after the trauma and pain of the burns. Warnhoff believes that Amazing Grace's injury happened so that it could be turned into a positive and make life better for other burn victims.

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Kenneth Berger
Columbia South Carolina attorney dedicated to securing justice by helping the truly injured