Mother of TBI Victim Writes Book About Their Journey to Recovery

Posted on Aug 10, 2013

At our South Carolina law office, we meet a lot of families who are still coming to terms with their loved one's traumatic brain injury. Many of them feel confused and heart-broken, but a recent news story we read about TBI was filled with hope and we wanted to pass it on to our clients.

Rebecca Kozowyk, a woman whose son and father both suffered a TBI 30 years apart, has written a book about dealing with traumatic brain injuries. Released in July, it is called Beautifully Broken, and it chronicles her journey from a neighbor’s delivering the news of her son's accident to his graduation from high school a few years later.

Her son, David, was 16 years old when he accidentally drove his truck off the road and into a creek. He was airlifted to the hospital and treated for collapsed lungs and a traumatic brain injury. In a coma, David stayed in the hospital for almost a month. He continued to improve and underwent outpatient therapy for three years.

While dealing with his brain damage, David had to relearn how to walk and talk. He was sensitive to loud noises, had difficulty concentrating on tasks, and became very impulsive. Rebecca says she has noticed that he is now able to focus longer and has more control of his impulses. He is at a normal maturity level and has regained function of his left arm. David graduated from high school in 2010 and is now an electrical apprentice at Nathan Alterman Electric Co. and is married with a baby on the way.

It is nice to read that victims of TBI are sharing their story; we hope that it will help TBI suffers across South Carolina find some comfort in a familiar scenario.

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Kenneth Berger
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