Johnny Motorcycle Accident ClientAfter I was injured in a motorcycle accident, I was very concerned and nervous because I had a separated shoulder and a broken wrist. I work at a desk and knew that my injury would have an impact on my life. I was looking for an attorney that could take all of my concerns away, and one of my friends referred me to the Law Office of Kenneth Berger. After hiring them, I was surprised by how genuine and meticulous their staff was. I didn't feel like a client, I felt like family - like I was part of the firm. Everyone was very responsive and timely with their emails and phone calls, and everyone made sure I was taken care of. They held everyone's feet to the fire and looked out for my best interests. 

I would refer someone to the Law Office of Kenneth Berger because I know they'll be taken care of. I consider the firm to be a very capable firm that takes a bad situation and turns it into a manageable situation. The personal manner that they take care of their clients - it's just family. If I needed something, I had no doubt they would take care of it. There was no stone unturned. 


Johnny T. of Columbia, SC, Motorcycle Accident Client