After I was attacked by a dog that wasn’t on leash, I was feeling discouraged. I had fractured my tibia and left knee, but no one felt like I had a genuine case until I found the Law Office of Kenneth Berger. After that, I felt relieved so I could get taken care of like I needed to. I was looking for a law firm that would treat me like a human being, and it ended up being like family.

When I started working with the Law Office of Kenneth Berger, I was surprised how easy the process was. They broke everything down and explained it so that I understood the process and knew what to expect. I was treated like family. Their communication was a 10/10. They communicated with me in every way, and I always knew what was going on. They were very upfront and set my expectations. They didn’t lead me astray. They arranged my appointments, followed up on documentation, and checked in on my well-being.

Kimberly B., Columbia, SC, Dog Bite ClientI wouldn’t change a thing about my experience with the firm. My expectations were always met. I feel so relieved now that my case has come to an end, and I am ready to put this journey behind me. I would recommend this firm to anyone that I know. They will treat you like family, and you will not be disappointed. Don’t hesitate. Go for it, and know you are in capable hands.

Kimberly B., Columbia, SC, Dog Bite Client