After a big car accident, I didn’t know I needed an attorney at first. But after doing some research, I found the Law Office of Kenneth Berger, and they represented me from day one.

I was looking for a firm that would be helpful and personable. To me, it wasn’t about just getting the most money, but my family and I were looking for a guide. Kenny sat at our house for an hour and explained everything to us.

Joey K., Columbia, SC, Truck Wreck ClientI had never dealt with a lawyer before, but they were all so nice and really wanted what was best for their clients. I was treated very well, and they answered all of my questions. I could send everything their way and know it was taken care of. They did everything I expected, and I am glad that the team made it an easy experience.

I feel pretty awesome now that my case has come to an end, and it is such a huge stress relief. The Law Office of Kenneth Berger was so personable and great to deal with. It was a good combination of getting taken care of and getting a maximum outcome.

Joey K., Columbia, SC, Truck Wreck Client