attorney kenneth berger with a drunk driving injury clientI was rearended by a drunk driver at a red light. I didn't know what to do. I didn't even think about getting a lawyer until my niece recommended. I googled the top 10 lawyers in Columbia, and Kenny was listed as #1. I called and talked to the team, and then Kenny came out to my house to meet me. I was shocked. I was surprised at how on top of everything they were. At mediation, Kenny knew everything about my case. He had it all down pat and was pushing for me hard. I was treated awesome throughout my case. The whole team was great. I couldn't ask for better communication. My paralegal, Ami, would always respond to my questions within minutes. 

Now that my case is over, I'm relieved - very relieved. You definitely cannot go wrong with Kenny and his team. They are definitely #1 in my book. 

Edna W., Drunk Driving Crash Injury Client, South Carolina