An irresponsible drive was racing down an interstate in Georgia when they hit our client and forced her into oncoming traffic. Immediately after, she started experiencing pain and knew she needed to seek an attorney's help.

"I was in a lot of pain so the attorney came to my house and met with me. He made me feel comfortable and at ease. I knew I had nothing else to worry about. From the beginning, they helped me to navigate my doctors bills and visits. When looking for an attorney, I knew I needed someone that would break it down for me so I could understand what was going on. Someone who would be honest. 

Whenever I visited the office, I never met anyone without a smile. They always made me feel comfortable. Even on the phone, everyone was kind and communicated effectively. I am glad my case is over, but still keep their business card in my wallet in case I run into someone who needs it. They are good folks who did everything they could for me and I would say they would do the same for you."

Sandra P. of Clearwater, S.C.