In this video, Columbia personal injury Kenneth E. Berger goes over the definition, causes, and prevention of sepsis.

While sepsis is a common term to many healthcare workers, family members may hear it for the first time after a relative is in the hospital for long term care.

The definition of sepsis is basically blood poisoning. It starts with an infection and can lead to a fever and increased heart rate. In the case of undiagnosed or mistreated sepsis, it can lead to septic shock.

When a patient is diagnosed with sepsis, aggressive treatment should follow. This treatment always includes a regiment of antibiotics. Other common drugs used in the treatment of sepsis may include insulin and blood pressure medication.

As for preventing sepsis, it can be difficult, but certain actions can be taken to help prevent it. This starts with properly cleaning and sterilizing a patient's room. Next, all invasive devices must be 100 percent sterile. Finally, it is important that patients are not lying in soiled sheets.

It is the duty of both hospitals and nursing homes to care for the elderly of South Carolina. If you need help with a case or have additional questions about sepsis, call Mr. Berger today at 803-790-2800

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