Many South Carolina families entrust the care and safety of their aging family members to assisted living facilities. In return for payment, the nursing home pledges to do everything in its power to protect your loved one and promote their wellbeing. Fall risk assessments should be performed, and steps should be taken to eliminate potential fall hazards.   

No one wants a phone call in the middle of the night notifying them that a loved one has been seriously injured. Moreover, no family should be forced to listen to a nursing home administrator argue that the incident was unpreventable when in fact it was due to nursing home negligence. If you have questions about what more could have been done to keep your loved one safe, or what legal actions can be taken to hold the facility accountable for its wrongdoing, Columbia, SC attorney, Kenneth Berger, is here to help you.

Fall injuries range from bruising, fractured hips, and dislocated shoulders to fractured skulls and subdural hematomas. That is why fall precautions and safeguards are essential at nursing homes. South Carolina law requires elder care centers to provide vulnerable citizens with quality care. When these centers neglect to fulfill their obligations, our loved ones pay a painful price. 

You do not have to fight the nursing home and its insurance company by yourself. Nor do you have to simply take their word for how the fall happened without further investigation. Allow Kenneth Berger and his team to help uncover the truth and protect your loved one's right to safety and justice by calling our Columbia office today at (803) 790-2800.

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