Medical negligence is more common than people realize. It can happen to anyone in any state at any hospital. Every patient in South Carolina's healthcare system has the right to safety, as well as the right to quality care. In this video, Columbia lawyer, Kenneth Berger, advises what to do when injured as a result of a "violation in the standard of care."

Personal injury claims involving medical malpractice can pose many challenges. Doctors and insurance companies may argue that your injuries are due to a risk of a procedure or were unavoidable. They very well could be telling the truth, but there might be more to the story. It is the lawyer's responsibility to dig deep and uncover the truth. 

I want to ensure that your rights as a patient are protected, and that justice is served. If the medical care you received was not up to the standard of what you or your family expected, contact me today at (803) 790-2800. We look forward to being of service.

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