Traumatic Brain Injury Litigation book coverPersonal injury attorney Kenneth Berger is the principal author and editor of Traumatic Brain Injury Litigation, a South Carolina Bar CLE resource that provides insights on how to approach traumatic brain injury cases from plaintiffs' lawyers, defense counsel, and radiology and life care planning experts.

Contributing authors include:

  • Russell Button, Esquire  
  • Christopher J. Finney, Esquire
  • Mark D. Herbst, MD, PhD  
  • Gregory A. Kendall, Esquire
  • Andrew M. Lehmkuhl, Esquire
  • Sarah Lustig, RN, CLCP, CBIS
  • Taylor Messervy, BSN, RN, BSc (Psych), CBIS, NLCP
  • Brandon A. Woodard, Esquire

The books chapters include:

  • Chapter 1: Representing Clients with Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Chapter 2: Defending Traumatic Brain Injury Claims
  • Chapter 3: Neuroradiology
  • Chapter 4: Life Care Planning in Traumatic Brain Injury Cases

TBI personal injury cases are complex and often technically challenging. In the book’s four chapters, the authors aim to help both plaintiff and defense attorneys understand the science behind and impact of brain injury. Whether you are just getting started in your practice or have been in practice for many decades, Traumatic Brain Injury Litigation will serve as a great resource for any attorney that is hoping to learn more about these nuanced, often misunderstood injuries. The book can be purchased through the South Carolina Bar here.

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