Kenny Berger on Trial Lawyer Prep Podcast about TBIIn November, attorney Kenneth Berger was a guest on the Trial Lawyer Prep podcast hosted by Elizabeth Larrick, where they embarked on a journey discussing the realm of traumatic brain injury (TBI) cases. The two explored how to build a strong TBI case by diving deep into how science, law, and humanity intersect in these complex cases.

In this episode, Kenny drew insight from his years of experience representing clients with TBI and serving as the principal author and editor of Traumatic Brain Injury Litigation, an award-winning South Carolina Bar CLE resource. In their discussion, Kenny and Elizabeth highlight the importance of contacting people who have interacted with the client within 48 hours after the accident, timing in court cases and brain damage, and using qualified experts to provide reliable neuropsychological assessment.

Explore the depths of traumatic brain injuries with Elizabeth and Kenny on the Trial Lawyer Prep podcast, available on Apple Podcast and on the Larrick Law Firm website.

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