Head-On Collision with a Dump Truck

On August 29th, 2022, a loaded dump truck owned by Ard’s Trucking Service crossed over the centerline and hit our client head-on, breaking our client’s left hip, right leg, left arm and three toes, requiring multiple surgeries to repair. Our client had a recently-purchased vehicle equipped with a dashcam that was able to capture the crash and the moments leading up to it.

Catastrophic Brake Failure

$1.225 Million SettlementThe dashcam footage clearly showed the dump truck approaching the car from the opposite direction, swerving into our client’s lane, causing the collision. Because of the dashcam evidence, it was found that the driver of the truck was driving too fast for conditions. After the crash, the dump truck driver claimed the brakes on the truck failed, and he was unable to stop for traffic in front of him. An inspection of the truck showed that the dump truck’s brakes were in need of immediate repair.

During the deposition of the company owner, the owner admitted that the brakes of the truck were scheduled to be replaced the day before the crash, but the replacement was never done. Instead, the truck was fully loaded and sent out to the road.

Our client was serving in the Air Force at the time of the crash, but because of the severity of his injuries, his military career was put in jeopardy. Our client faces concerns about future medical needs and treatment and could need a hip replacement to repair the damage from the collision.

$1.225 Million Truck Crash Settlement

Because of the severity of the injuries and the clear negligence on behalf of the trucking company in their failure to replace faulty brakes, our client was able to receive compensation for the crash. After the company owner’s deposition, Ard’s Trucking Service’s liability carrier paid the $1,000,000 policy limits and the combined bodily injury and property damages due to the motor carrier’s recklessness. We also filed a claim against our client’s underinsured motorist coverage for a total settlement of $1.225 million.

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