In June 2014, a Lexington, SC driver broke multiple traffic laws before striking Mr. X’s motorcycle. The wreck resulted in severe injury to Mr. X, who ultimately spent 6 days in the hospital. Facing an avalanche of medical bills and insurance questions, the accident victim's family contacted my law firm. We immediately went to work in search of additional insurance coverage and ultimately, justice.

In the end, we were able to identify 5 separate insurance policies that applied: 1 liability policy from the at-fault driver; 1 underinsured policy on Mr. X's motorcycle; and 3 at-home underinsured policies. In South Carolina, the law allows us to "stack" underinsured policies so long as certain requirements are met. In this case, we stacked 4 such underinsured policies.

Mr. X also received these insurance funds within 4 months of his motorcycle accident, in part due to the fact that we diligently collected evidence, and also because we let the various insurance companies know they only had 30 days from the time they received our demand packages to pay out their policy limits if they wanted to avoid a "bad faith" lawsuit.

When we first met Mr. X, he was in a world of hurt and financial uncertainty. I am happy to say that only a few months later, he is on the road to a full physical recovery, and received enough money to provide financial stability for the foreseeable future.

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