On March 28, 2013, Ms. H recklessly drove her vehicle backwards on Interstate 20, resulting in a violent crash with Mr. W’s oncoming car. The accident occurred near Sumter, SC. Had Mr. W not slammed his brakes the moment he saw Ms. H coming at him in reverse, his injuries could have been fatal. Likewise, Mr. W's vehicle could have just as easily been a school bus or family minivan filled with young children. 

When the responding police officer asked Ms. H why she chose to put her SUV in reverse, she stated, “I don’t remember. I may have accidentally done it.” Ms. H’s explanation makes no sense. Neither does the fact that she left Greenville, SC in the middle of the night with her granddaughters, drove 100s of miles through darkness, and then decided to put their lives, and those of other South Carolinians, at risk. In addition to Ms. H’s more blatant safety rule violations, the responding officer concluded that Ms. H’s fatigue was a contributing factor to the crash.

Before the case settled for a very fair amount of compensation, the police officer was going to testify that Ms. H made mention of wanting McDonald’s. Whether Ms. H decided that other people’s lives were less important than her breakfast could have been uncovered at trial had her insurance company not done the right thing, and settled the case.

Not all Sumter car accidents are resolved as quickly as Mr. W's. If an insurance company is refusing to fairly compensate you, or if you have questions about some other aspect of your accident claim, call me at (803) 790-2800.   

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