On February 18, 2012, Mr. L broke multiple traffic laws, causing a serious car crash in Sumter, SC with Ms. W - a minor child. 

After pulling Ms. W from the vehicle, EMS transported her to Tuomey Regional Medical Center (TRMC). The emergency team at TRMC diagnosed Ms. W with a right ankle fracture. In the weeks following her ER visit, Ms. W received treatment from her primary care physician as well as Sumter Orthopaedics. For nearly 18 months, Ms. W experienced a dull, throbbing pain in her right ankle. 

In 2013, Ms. W contacted our office seeking justice. Kenny traveled to Ms. W's home, met her family, and went to work on the case. In a matter of months, we were able to obtain a settlement for Ms. W that left her and her family overjoyed. In addition to having her medical bills paid, Ms. W was compensated for the effects the crash had on her life - namely having to wake up in pain and suffer through her senior year of high school. 

When innocent people, be it children or adults, get hurt in car accidents in Sumter, we are here to help. For answers to your questions and help dealing with the insurance company, call me today at (803) 790-2800.

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The issues you face after an auto accident are not as simple as some people would have you believe. From how medical bills get paid to how much you should be compensated, it is always better to receive a free consultation from a car accident attorney than to rely on an insurance company that increases its profits by paying you less.

The South Carolina personal injury lawyer at the Law Office of Kenneth E. Berger has years of experience handling cases like yours, and would be honored to help you and your family with the legal recovery process while you focus on healing. 

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