In November 2011, a reckless driver (Mr. E) turned left in front of an oncoming car, causing a serious crash in Columbia. During his deposition, Mr. E agreed that a driver must never: needlessly endanger another person; drive on the wrong side of the road; or drive under the influence of alcohol. He also agreed that a driver must always yield the right of way and choose the safest option. Mr. E acknowledged that drivers who break these rules are responsible for every harm and loss they cause a member of the community.

Mr. E then admitted that he: consumed a large quantity of alcohol on the day of the wreck; drove home after consuming multiple Budweisers and mixed drinks (Jack Daniels with a little water or coke); reached for a cigarette moments before colliding with my client (Mr. V); took his eyes off the road when he reached for the cigarette; crossed into Mr. V’s lane as he reached for the cigarette; did not see Mr. V’s oncoming vehicle until a split-second before the collision; caused the head-on collision by crossing into the wrong lane of traffic; and was reckless in causing the crash. This last admission was perhaps the most serious, as it created the possibility of obtaining punitive damages.

Though any member of our community could have been the victim of Mr. E’s recklessness, it was Mr. V, whose life was changed. It was Mr. V whose rotator cuff was torn, who had to undergo surgery and watch his medical bills climb. It was Mr. V who was rendered unable to perform his job or provide for his family while he recovered from the operation.

After a long battle, we reached a confidential settlement for Mr. V that paid off his medical debt and made up for his company's lost earnings.

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