In early 2009, Ms. E was exiting one of her hospital’s satellite offices. As she made her way down a stairwell, Ms. E slipped on a foreign substance, twisting her left knee and striking it against a metal rail. Unknown to her, one of Ms. E's coworkers had nearly fallen down the same slippery steps minutes earlier. 

Ms. E’s accident resulted in persistent knee pain and what is known as compression syndrome. Her condition required arthroscopic surgery in early 2010. 

Combining a Workers' Comp Case with a Third Party Claim

After settling Ms. E's workers' compensation case, we filed a claim against the janitorial company that mopped the steps, but failed to dry them or put up any warning signs. The settlement with the janitorial company's insurance company far exceeded Ms. E's workers' compensation benefits, helping to ensure the at fault party was held accountable for its negligence.

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