Any time we represent someone hurt on a moped, there are several biases we have to overcome. Insurance companies generally argue that jurors will not provide the same amount of compensation for a moped rider as they would a person in a car. While adjusters might make that argument, I don't know that they actually believe it.

For instance, our South Carolina personal injury attorney adds, we settled a moped accident at the end of 2014 for the policy limits in large part because we told the insurance adjuster from the start that we valued the case based on the near-deadly negligence of their driver, not on the fact that our client was simply more vulnerable to harm. This is a brief outline of the story behind that case:  

On January 13, 2014, Bryce M. violated multiple rules of the road, causing a rear-end collision with Justin W. The force of the collision threw Justin from his moped. He landed on the roadway in heavy downtown traffic.  

Justin experienced loss of consciousness when he hit the ground. Drivers stopped and tended to him while he bled in the roadway. When EMS arrived, they worked to stabilize Justin, then rushed him to the nearest emergency room.

When Justin arrived at Palmetto Health Richland (PHR), he told them about his right knee pain, as well as face and jaw pain. PHR’s notes show Justin experienced extensive head trauma, loss of consciousness, and lacerations above and below his right eye. A CT scan revealed mild tissue swelling in his head, a probable facial fracture, and right patella fracture.

Justin was able to avoid any type of facial surgery, long hospital stint, or lasting effects of a head injury, but he did have to undergo an ACL repair. Physical therapy followed the ACL surgery. And while Justin made an excellent recovery considering the seriousness of the crash, he still has a permanent impairment of 14% to his right leg as a result of the other driver's negligence.

The issues you face after an auto accident are not as simple as some people would have you believe. From how medical bills get paid to how much you should be compensated, it is always better to receive a free consultation from a car accident lawyer than to rely on an insurance company that increases its profits by paying you less.

When drivers chose to violate safety rules, everyone in their path is placed at risk. In this case, it was Justin. We represent innocent people like him every day, and are here to help you as well. 

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