In September 2010, a Michelin employee (Mr. F) was on his way home from work when another driver chose not to yield the right of way. The at-fault driver turned left in front of Mr. F's motorcycle, causing a violent collision.

Mr. F was transported by ambulance to Lexington Medical Center (LMC) after being struck by the Defendant.  While in the care of LMC, Mr. F was diagnosed with a fractured shin.  He was further diagnosed with a fractured pelvis.  Mr. F’s injuries also included significant head and facial trauma, a severely bruised torso, and scarring to his hands. After spending multiple days in the hospital, Mr. F was discharged to the care of an in-home treatment agency. Due to his injuries, Mr. F missed considerable time from work. 

In addition to the at-fault driver's insurance limits, we were able to obtain compensation from Mr. F's underinsured motorist policy. If you don't know what underinsured motorist coverage is, please request free copies of my books. Likewise, if you have questions about a Lexington motorcycle accident, call me today at (803) 790-2800.

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