On October 14, 2016, Agustin Islas-Rivera chose to blow through a stop sign in Lexington, SC. He struck a vehicle coming from his left, then fled the scene, leaving a young mother in need of neck surgery and a child screaming in her backseat. Though the Defendant chose to initially dispute this characterization of his acts, independent witnesses did not. In fact, it was these independent witnesses’ Affidavits, combined with footage from the arresting officer’s bodycam video, that gave us the strongest evidence of how reckless, yet unremorseful Mr. Islas-Rivera was on the night of the accident.

Prior to being injured by the Defendant, our client enjoyed an active lifestyle, fast-paced job, and all the joy that a young mother experiences with her first child. Afterwards, she was plagued by chronic pain to the point where even picking up or holding her son became a near impossibility.

Our client’s cervical MRI confirmed what we had already learned from her friends and family – there was a clear change after the Defendant crashed into her. Specifically, the MRI showed disc protrusion at C4-5, causing cord compression.

As a result of the painful, dangerous nature of this injury, surgical intervention was recommended. We obtained a cost projection for the surgery. When those costs were combined with the likelihood of a large punitive verdict, the insurance carrier had no choice other than to pay its substantial policy limits or risk an “excess verdict.”

While our young client is not yet 100%, she is on the path to recovery and now has the financial resources to obtain the medical care her damaged spine requires and hopefully regain as much of her former life as possible. Our law firm has been helping innocent people harmed by the negligent acts of others in Lexington County and beyond for years now, and would be honored to serve you as well. Simply call, email, or begin an online chat today so that we may begin guiding you toward justice.

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