The confidentiality agreement does not allow me to disclose many facts of this case. However, I can say that in this instance the senior care facility and its insurance company initially blamed an elderly woman for having her pelvic bone broken in two places when an unsafe automatic (swinging) door with no motion sensor swung open and knocked her to the ground.

The button residents (including those with walkers or wheelchairs) pressed to open the swinging door was actually within the door's path. In other words, our South Carolina personal injury attorney adds, if you reached to your right and pressed the button, the door would hit you because there was no motion sensor. Other residents had been struck by the door in the past, but our client was the first to sustain serious injury.

Even though no permit was obtained for the swinging door, and despite the fact that the injury was captured on video, the senior care facility refused to compensate the elderly resident in any way until we got involved. Along with two other law firms, we were able to secure a confidential settlement on behalf of the injured resident. Our client's daughter remains a friend of mine, while the client continues to amaze me with her spirit and fortitude.

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