Daycare abuse in SCThere is no excuse for daycare assault in South Carolina. As a daycare abuse lawyer helping families in Lexington, Columbia, and across the state, I know the responsibilities you and your child are owed. Our state's childcare centers must not only protect young people from poisoning, sharp objects, and burns, but also from assault. Whether it be physical assault from a classmate, or sexual assault by an adult, it is repugnant. It cannot go unpunished. It demands justice. When it is allowed to happen once, the danger of it happening again may only grow.

Understanding South Carolina Child Daycare Laws

South Carolina’s daycare laws require that your children be properly supervised at all times by qualified staff members. If you have complained of biting, hitting, bullying, or other inappropriate action on the part of one of your child’s classmates, yet no action is taken by the caretaker, you should consider meeting with the director. If the director refuses to ensure your son or daughter’s safety, it may be time for a new daycare center. Too many times I have heard stories of mild bullying leading to violence or inappropriate touching. You are paying the daycare to watch after your child; you are entrusting them with your most precious gift. They must uphold all their responsibilities to you – that includes providing an environment free of danger and assault.

Along with proper supervision, South Carolina law also requires that daycares conduct background checks on all employees. This includes fingerprint testing. The law is intended to keep predators away from our children. However, not all South Carolina childcare centers comply with this important law. Many of us have seen news stories about sexual predators who wound up working at a daycare because the center failed to properly investigate the individual’s criminal history.

Dealing With Sexual Assault at Daycares

Sexual assault against children is one of the most disgusting and unforgivable crimes known to this world. When it happens, especially in a daycare or school, families are devastated, innocence is shattered, and communities shutter. Along with spiritual advisors, counselors, and a great support system, a daycare abuse attorney can help families through these tragic times. Though most of the families I represent live in Columbia, Orangeburg, or Lexington, I travel throughout South Carolina on behalf of young victims. Guidance, empathy, and justice are available to your family.

In addition to criminal prosecution (i.e. jail time), your family may seek to hold the perpetrator and the daycare civilly liable (i.e. compensation) in cases of daycare abuse. Should you have any questions regarding a daycare assault in South Carolina, call me at (803) 790-2800 or start a live chat below. 

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