Compensation for On the Job Burn Injuries & Scarring

Sustaining a burn injury is a risk for many workers. A 2011 study found that approximately 15% of adult burn cases were work-related. If you suffered this type of injury on the job in South Carolina, you can file for workers’ compensation to cover medical bills, lost income, and permanent harm - including scarring.

Burn Accidents are a Major Occupational Hazard

Jobs in which there is a high risk of a burn include:

  • Food Service Workers – Chefs and cooks regularly work with hot ovens, stoves and other cooking appliances, as well as scalding liquids and other materials. 
  • Construction Workers  – Construction workers face many hazards that could potentially cause burns and scarring. Exposed electrical wiring, gas lines, and overheated machinery could all lead to injury. 
  • Electricians – Electricians are at risk of electrical burns while installing or repairing wires and other electrical equipment.
  • Manufacturing Industry Workers – The manufacturing industry sees the highest number of burns in the workplace. From equipment to assembly lines to electrical wires and chemical spills, industrial workers face many occupational hazards.

Compensation for Burn Injuries in South Carolina

You may be able to obtain money for scarring, as well as any permanent impairment caused by the burn. In addition, the workers' compensation insurance company should pay for any future medical care you require. A work accident should never leave you with out-of-pocket medical expenses. While the amount of money you can recover might be capped due to the nature of South Carolina's workers' compensation laws, it is important to learn how the calculations are performed if you are to maximize your financial recovery.

I am here to here to help burn victims receive the medical care and financial award our state's law demands. If you have questions regarding workers' comp, call us before trying to reason with an insurance adjuster. To request free copies of my books and schedule a free consultation, call me today at (803) 790-2800

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